CG Motorsport 555 twin plate Clutch kit assemblies have been designed for use on standard fast road/track day vehicles that have had their BHP and torque heavily increased.

The clutch cover is a high grade aluminium design. A compact one-piece aluminium alloy construction for strength and has better heat dissipation to enable the clutch to function more efficiently. The intermediate plates are of high grade EN24 steel. The 2 drive plates have 550 BHP HD1 racing material.

Key Features

      • Aluminium 60 30 grade cover
      • High strength cover
      • High lift side straps
      • Heavy duty CG Motorsport diaphragm
      • Designed for low down torque delivery
      • 650 ft/lb torque capacity
      • Organic rigid racing drive plate
      • Perfect for heavily tuned cars that are daily driven.
      • Weighted precisely to ensure decisive gear changes and increased acceleration.
      • Preserves low end torque and driveability.
      • Race feel engagement and an extended life with the organic full face material.