This kit includes a clutch which comes with full organic racing material.

This is perfect for daily driving, however as we pre-machine a heavy duty clutch cover to the flywheel huge gains in torque acceptance can be made through the transmission whilst a natural drive feel is maintained

All this and more make this the most popular CG Motorsport series yet!

Key Features

  • CG Motorsport's Most Popular Clutch & Flywheel Kit
  • Capable of managing a 45-50% increase in torque whilst maintaining a normal engagement feel
  • Perfect for heavily tuned cars that are daily driven.
  • Includes CG Motorsport Solid Mass Flywheel
  • Full Face organic drive plate for everyday use.
  • Weighted precisely to ensure decisive gear changes and increased acceleration.
  • Preserves low end torque and driveability.
  • Race feel engagement and an extended life with the organic full face material.
  • A high performance pressure plate to allow for greater power.
  • Will allow much more aggressive driving and gear changes.
  • Can handle the majority of performance enhancing remaps.