This kit includes a paddle clutch, perfect for track days, hill climbing and all other race uses.

This is the clutch of choice for those serious racers out there, coupling the power of the heavy duty clutch cover with a CG Motorsport SMF and paddle drive plate unlocks the full potential of your transmission. This clutch kit is powerful, full bodied and not for the faint hearted or daily drivers!

Competes and often exceeds Sachs Racing Equipment (SRE), AP Racing, Helix and Exedy specs at a fraction of the Price!!!

All this and more make this the most popular CG Motorsport series yet!

Key Features

  • CG Motorsport’s Most Popular Race Clutch kit
  • Capable of managing a 50-60% increase in torque, making it perfect for track day vehicles.
  • Perfect for heavily tuned cars
  • Includes CG Motorsport Solid Mass Flywheel
  • Paddle drive plate for competitive use.
  • Drive plates supplied can either be sprung or rigid, please ask.
  • Flywheel weighted precisely to ensure decisive gear changes and increased acceleration.
  • Preserves low end torque and driveability.
  • Race feel engagement
  • A heavy duty performance pressure plate to allow for huge increases in power.
  • Will allow much more aggressive driving and gear changes.
  • Can handle the majority of performance enhancing remaps.