I cannot find the kit I am looking for? Do you do special one off builds?

Yes. As we hand build all our clutch kits in our purpose built workshop we can build any clutch kit you require to the exact specifications you need. With over 90,000 clutch kits available on the market we have selected the most common clutches on the market for our catalogue. If you cannot see clutch kit you need please email info@clutch-specialists.co.uk and we one of our expert clutch specialists will help direct you to the bespoke kit you need.

My car is running over 40% Horsepower. What do you have for my car?

Here at CG Motorsport we are always conservative on quoting the amount of power a clutch can take as we want to be sure the clutches we sell can hold the power you are running. However when clutches are run above our recommended output we cannot guarantee the durability or the torque capacity of the kit. If you have any questions about this please email us or call us and we will be happy to give you advice. All kits run above the recommended power increase are void of our warranty program.
If you are running major power we do have the facilities to build special single plate and twin clutch kits. Please email mick@clutch-specialists.co.uk for more information on these kits.

Why is my clutch plate sprung or rigid?

To stop intolerable levels of vibration been transmitted to the gearbox from the engine, you will find sprung drive plates in most of our kits. In newer European cars this sprung element can be found in the Dual Mass Flywheel. For this reason your clutch drive plate will be sprung dependent on the flywheel it is running.ie (solid flywheels ) In some instances (usually track cars or rally use) both set ups will be rigid, this provides an extremely arduous and aggressive driving set up but does allow the best levels of performance to be unlocked.

I want a paddle plate. How many paddles should I choose?

As a rule the more paddles on your drive plate the closer to a natural drive feel you will experience. 8 paddle drive plates will drive as near as smooth as the organic drive plate, this is the sacrifice needed to access the higher levels of power that come with a paddle clutch. We can build clutches with 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 paddles depending on your needs. Those who want the most aggressive track prone set up need 3 and 4 paddles. An 8 paddle is the clutch of choice for daily drive cars who want a little more aggression and spirited driving than the dual friction.
Unless specified all Stage 3 kits are sold as either 5 or 6 paddle, depending on which is more suitable for your vehicle make and model. If you have a special request for your clutch kit please email info@clutch-specialists.co.uk and we will build a clutch to your exact needs.

Do I need to buy a slave cylinder or bearing for my new clutch kit?

All clutch kits include a bearing where the vehicle uses a release bearing.
If your car has a hydraulic slave cylinder you need to buy the slave cylinder separately. If you are unsure whether or not your car includes this please email or call the team.

Can you make flywheels?

Yes. We can make flywheels to your requirements either from drawings or sample flywheel, please email mick@clutch-specialists.co.uk for more info.
We can also build flywheels to fit bespoke clutch kits.

Do we do trade prices?

All our prices are so competitive most customers would class our prices as trade! However we do have authorised CG Motorsport dealers all over the world. Please email linda@clutch-specialists.co.uk for more information on how to become a CG Motorsport distributor.

What do you mean by a Breaking in Period?

All CG Motorsport clutch kits require a break in period of at least 300 miles of stop start driving. Motorway / freeway driving does not count! Until you have covered this period full engine power should not be applied as this bedding in period needs to occur to fully allow the drive plate to seat with cover plate and flywheel surfaces.
Failure to follow the above procedure will void your warranty and may result in decreased performance and premature wear.