CG Motorsport Stage 1 performance clutch kits will allow you to unlock the power of a modified car smoothly and efficiently through your transmission set up. Our Stage 1 clutch kit gives you the best possible clamping forces available in this class. This is an ideal clutch if you are just starting to get into the tuning scene.

Key Features

  • Allows for an increase in stock power up to 20%-25%
  • Our Stage 1 high density, high burst strength racing material has just the correct balance to allow extra heat dissipation created by your tuned engine
  • Replicates the smooth feel of the original clutch
  • Suitable for fast road driving
  • Perfect for cars that just have a simple mild tune or economy remap.
  • Comes with our unique grooved and curved slotted design, allowing a vast reduction in surface heat and distributes an extra 7-8% load to the drive plate.