CG Motorsports Lug Drive Twin Plate Clutch Cover assembly utilises a one piece aluminium alloy cover and lug design which provides structural strength, lower inertia and cooler running. This design also allows for friction dust to freely escape. Sintered clutches are primarily used for circuit race applications, rallying, hill climbing, etc. CG Motorsport's Most Popular Clutch & Flywheel Kit

This kit includes the following

  • Twin plate Cover (Lug)
  • Top Intermediate Plate
  • Bottom Intermediate Plate
  • Choice of 2 Drive Plate Styles (Sintered Paddle or Cerametallic Paddle-Depends on stack height)
  • Unlimited Choice of Drive Plate Spline sizes
  • Flywheel balanced and lightened
  • Bearing extension if required
  • Blue hard anodised

Key Features

  • Sintered or Cerametallic drive plate option will allow for much more aggressive driving and gear changes. (Up to 650lbft)
  • Flywheel Pre-Assembled for easy Plug & Play installation
  • 6 bolt, one piece cover and lugs, machined from aluminium alloy
  • Cover style allows dust and debris to escape.
  • Bronze Hard anodised
  • Individually tested

As the Twin Disk Clutch Kit requires the use of a Solid Flywheel there is a chance you may experience some harmonically transmitted noises when installing this kit. This type of noise is normal and acceptable in motorsport applications but will vary from vehicle to vehicle. Most of these noises are covered up by the dual mass flywheel and are extremely difficult to hide when running a single mass. These noises do not in anyway affect the performance of the clutch kit