Performance Drive Plates

CG Motorsport 101 Racing Series Drive Plate Only

CG Motorsport’s new heavy duty performance drive plate with organic racing friction material has a superior thermal resistance, is more resistant against rpm's than OE discs and is able to transmit higher torque. That makes it extremely useful for all kind of street tuning.

CG Motorsport Stage 2 Kev-Tek Drive Plate Only

This material is high spec, high burst strength material and absorbs and dissipates heat efficiently

CG Motorsport Stage 3 Paddle Drive Plate Only

The CG Motorsport Paddle Drive Plate was designed for powerful, tuned performance cars; perfect for unlocking the extra power of your vehicle.

CG Motorsport Exclusive Dual Friction Drive Plate Only

The CG Motorsport Dual Friction drive plate was designed by CG Motorsport for powerful, tuned road cars, but without all of the drawbacks of a paddle racing clutch.