{"tags":["1.0i-1.1i-1.4i Models to October 1997","1.1 All Models to 07-1988","1.1-1.1i-1.4-1.4i-1.4D To Oct 1997","1.1i & 1.4i","1.1i-1.4i-1.4i-VTR","1.4 Hdi 70 -rp110192 Engine Code DV4TD 07-03 to 10-04","1.4 & 1.4i All Models to 07-1988","1.4 16v Hdi 90 (5 Speed Manual)","1.4 8v HDI MK1 Eng Code DV4TED","1.4i 16v","1.4i 16v Manual 5Spd","1.4i From Nov 1997 Onwards","1.5 Diesel from November 1997 on","1.5 Diesel to November 1997","1.6 1.4i 16V Manual 5 Spd","1.6 HDI 110HP-DV6TED4 Engine Code-For DMF Only","1.6i 16v","1.6i 16v-TU5JP4 Engine Code","1.6i All Models from Jan 2001 Onwards","1.6i All Models to Dec 2000","1.8 Diesel","1.9 TD & 2.0i (16v Model Only)","1.9i Petrol","2.0 16v EW10J4 Engine Code","2.0 16v RFN-RFJ Engine Code (136-140BHP)","2.0 Hdi 110-DW10 Engine Code","2.0 Hdi 135 BHP-Models from October 2006","2.0 Hdi 135 BHP-Models to September 2006","2.0HDi 16V DW10ATED-L3-DW10ATED4 (98>2002)","2.0HDi 16V DW10ATED-L3-DW10ATED4-DW10CTED (95>2003)","2.0HDi 16V DW10ATED4-DW10BTED (2004>2006)","2.0HDi 16v DW10BTED4","2.0HDi 16vDW10ATED-L3-DW10ATED4 (98>2002)","2.0HDi 16vDW10ATED-L3-DW10ATED4-DW10CTED (95>2003)","2.0HDi 16vDW10ATED4-DW10BTED (2004>2006)","2.0HDi DW10ATED-F-DW10ATED-L4-(2001>2004)","2.0HDi DW10ATED-F-DW10ATED-L4-DW10ATED4(2001>2004)","2.0HDi DW10ATED-L3","2.0HDi DW10ATED-L3-DW10BTED-DW10CTED (95>2006)","2.2HDi 16V DW12TED4-L4","2.2HDi 16vDW12TED4-L4","BX","C2","C2 1.4","C3","C4","C5","C8","Citroen","Dispatch","Evasion","Jumpy","Nemo","Saxo","Synergie","Twin Plate Clutch Kit and Flywheel","Type_101 Series Racing Drive Plate Only","Type_385 Series Supersport Clutch Kit","Type_666 Organic Lucky Devil Race Clutch and Flywheel","Type_777 Ceramic Lucky Devil Race Clutch and Flywheel","Type_888 Series 184 Supersport Race Twin Plate Clutch Kit with Flywheel","Type_Clutch and Flywheel","Type_Drive Plate Only","Type_Dual Friction Drive Plate Only","Type_Dual Friction Performance Clutch Kit","Type_Kevtek Drive Plate Only","Type_Paddle Drive Plate Only","Type_Performance Clutch Kits","Type_Replacement 184mm Sintered 2.6mm Twin Disc Drive Plate Only","Type_Replacement Ceramic 7.1mm Thick Twin Disc Drive Plate Only","Type_Solid Mass Flywheel Conversion Kit","Type_Solid Mass Flywheel Conversion Kit with Exclusive Dual Friction Clutch Kit","Type_Solid Mass Flywheel Conversion Kit with Kev-Tek Clutch Kit","Type_Stage 1 Performance Clutch Kits","Type_Stage 2 Performance Clutch Kits","Type_Stage 3 Performance Clutch Kits","ZX"]}