{"tags":["'-BHZ Engine Code 2006-08","(2001-) 1.4i & 1.6i All 16v Models to 2005","1 Series E87","1.0 & 1.0 Diesel From 1987 Onwards","1.0 16v-Engine Code AVZ","1.0 4x4 inc All SJ410 Models","1.0 TD June 1987 Onwards","1.0-1.0i-1.2 Models to Feb 1998","1.0-1.2-1.3-1.4i From June 86 On","1.0i 12v Gti Turbo","1.0i-1.1i-1.4i All Models to Nov 1994","1.0i-1.1i-1.4i Models 12-94-03-96","1.0i-1.1i-1.4i Models to October 1997","1.1 All Models to 07-1988","1.1-1.1i-1.4-1.4i-1.4D To Oct 1997","1.1-1.2i-1.4i To April 96 (Not Easyshift)","1.1i & 1.4i","1.1i-1.4i-1.4i VTR-1.6i","1.2 & 1.2i","1.2 2008 Models Onwards","1.2 All Models","1.2 Models from Aug 86-August 1991","1.2 TCE 100-D4F 780 Engine Code","1.2 TFSi","1.2 TSFi-1197cc-2010 Onwards","1.2 TSI-2007 Onwards","1.2-2009 Onwards","1.2i & 1.2i Bi Power","1.2i & 1.4i (Inc Sri) Not 16v","1.2i 16v","1.2i 16v Manual 5 Speed","1.2i 16v Manual 5Speed","1.2i All Models MK2 Shape 2001 on","1.2i-AWY-BMD-AZQ-BME Engines","1.3 & 1.3i 4x4 inc All SJ413 Models","1.3 & 1.3i Models From March 1993","1.3 & 1.3i Models to Feb 1993","1.3 16v JTDm 5 Speed","1.3 2SZ-FE Engine-5 Speed manual gearbox only","1.3 CDTi90hp Manual gearbox","1.3 CDTi90hp Semi-Auto","1.3 D Multijet (75hp)","1.3 D Multijet Manual Gearbox-5 Speed 2009 Onwards","1.3 D Multijet Semi-Auto-2009 Onwards","1.3 JTDM 90HP-199A3000 Engine Code 1248cc","1.3 Models From April 1974","1.3 Models to March 1974","1.3-1.7-1.7i-1987-1990 Models","1.3i 16v 4x4","1.3i 16v GTi Models From Sept 1989-1997","1.3i 16v GTi Models to 1989","1.3i All Models","1.3i G40-PY Engine Code","1.4 Engine Codes AMF BNV","1.4 Hdi 70 -rp110192 Engine Code DV4TD 07-03 to 10-04","1.4 & 1.4i All Models to 07-1988","1.4 & 1.4i-All Models","1.4 (100hp)","1.4 16v","1.4 16v (105hp) 2009 Onwards","1.4 16v 2006 Onwards","1.4 16v Hdi 90 (5 Speed Manual)","1.4 16v-2006 Models Onwards","1.4 16v-2006 Onwards","1.4 16v-88hp KFU Engine (Not for Sport model)","1.4 Abarth","1.4 Abarth 2009 Onwards","1.4 Abarth Engine Code 312A1000","1.4 D","1.4 Engine Code B14NEJ / B14NEL 6 Speed","1.4 FSI","1.4 GT Turbo 1993-99","1.4 Hdi","1.4 HDi 2001 Models Only","1.4 HDi DV4TD-8HZ Engine","1.4 HDi Models 2002 Onwards","1.4 TDi 75-80 Engine Codes AMF BNV","1.4 Tjet 16v 6 Speed Eng Code 199A800","1.4 Tjet Turbo Abarth MTA Tiptronic Engine Code 312A3000 2009>2016","1.4 VTi-95hp EP3 Engine (Not for Sport model)","1.4-2009 Onwards","1.4i & 1.6i Models From March 1996 On","1.4i 16v","1.4i 16v Engine Code 14K4F","1.4i 16v (inc Twinport and SRi)","1.4i 16v 2003-2006","1.4i 16v Engine Code 192B2000-843A100","1.4i 16v Manual 5Spd","1.4i 16v-Engine Code AUA BBY BKY","1.4i From Nov 1997 Onwards","1.4i October 1997 to April 2002","1.4i-16v ALL MODELS 1998-2005","1.4i-16v X14XE Engine Codes Only","1.4i-C14NZ","1.4i-Petrol","1.5 & 1.6i","1.5 & 1.7 Diesel (Inc TD Models)","1.5 16v VV-I T-Sport-Models from October 2001-2006","1.5 All Models","1.5 CZT Turbo Sport MK6 Engine Code 4G15T 2005-2008","1.5 Diesel & TD Models","1.5 Diesel from November 1997 on","1.5 Diesel to November 1997","1.5i 12v & 16v Models Before August 1999","1.5i 12v & 16v Models From Sept 1999 On","1.5i 12v CRDi","1.5i 16v & 1.6i 16v","1.6 & 1.6i Models","1.6 & 1.7 Diesel F13 Transmission","1.6 1.4i 16V Manual 5 Spd","1.6 16v","1.6 16v 110hp-NFU Engine","1.6 16v Hdi 110 HP-Models to September 2006","1.6 16v Models From Jun 91-Mar 1992","1.6 16v-2006 Models Onwards","1.6 16v-All Models from July 2004","1.6 16v-All Models to June 2004","1.6 16v-Engine Code APF-AUR","1.6 16v105hp Engine # 20KC2905-> Manual g-box only","1.6 16v105hp->Engine # 20KC2904 Manual g-box only","1.6 200bhp Engine Code EP6CDTX","1.6 ADP-AHL-ARM-ANA Engine Code-October 96 Onwards","1.6 AEH-AKL-APF-AVU Engine Code","1.6 BGU BSE BSF-Chassis Number to 7#089500","1.6 CRDi-5 Speed models 2007-2012","1.6 D","1.6 Di Turbo-2004-09","1.6 Engine Code CAY 5 Speed","1.6 Engine JQDB 07-10--2014","1.6 FSI","1.6 Gti Pack Turbo 176 BHP Model 2006-2009","1.6 Hdi 110HP Fitted With Sachs Flywheel-September 06 Onwards","1.6 HDi 110Hp-2004 Models","1.6 HDI 90BHP-2012 Models Onwards","1.6 HDi 90hp-June 2005-2007 Models","1.6 HDi November 2004 Onwards","1.6 HDi-90hp 2004-May 2005 Models","1.6 Models From Oct 83-July 1989","1.6 SRI-GSI 150BHP-2007 Onwards-Z16LEL","1.6 TDCi 04-2011 Onwards","1.6 TDCi HWDA Code 2003-2004","1.6 TDi CAYB & CAYC(Fitted LUK Flywheel)","1.6 Turbo 16v SRI 180hp Z16LET Engine","1.6 Turbo Diesel","1.6 VTi 16v 120hp-5FS","1.6 VXR-OPC Nurburgring Edition-205BHP-2011 Onwards","1.6 VXR-OPC Turbo-Z16LER-192 BHP","1.6 Zetec S-120BHP Model-HJXA Engine","1.6-1.6i inc 16v Models","1.6-1.6i-1.8-1.8i","1.6-2007 Onwards","1.6-GTi-1.8-1.9 GTi Models to 07-89","1.6-N14B16A Engine R56","1.6i","1.6i 16v","1.6i 16v GTi-AVY Engine Code","1.6i 16v Inc 4x4 Models-Sept 94 On","1.6i 16v Models From July 85-1989","1.6i 16v Models-TU5JP4","1.6i 16v VTec","1.6i 16v-TU5JP4 Engine Code","1.6i 4x4 Models from August 1990-2000","1.6i All Models","1.6i All Models from Jan 2001 Onwards","1.6i All Models to Dec 2000","1.6i FSi-Engine Code BAD 2002-2005","1.6i inc FSi-Engine Code BGU BLF","1.6i Models from September 1995","1.6i TS-1.7i TS-1.8i TS-2.0 TS","1.6i TS-1.8i TS","1.6i VTec B16A2 Engines Only (Hydraulic Transmission)","1.6i Vtec-D16-D17 Engine-1992 Onwards","1.6i-1.7-1.8i-Non Turbo Models Only","1.6i-1.8-1.8TD-1.8i-2.0","1.6i-1.8i-2.0","1.6i-1.8i-Petrol","1.6i-1.9i-SRi-STi From 07-89-05-97","1.6i-Engine Code AEE","1.6i-GTi & S16 Models from December 2001","1.6i-GTi & S16 Models to December 2000","1.7 16v Di & DTi","1.7 CDTi and DTi Models","1.7 CDTi100hp Z17DTH engine 5 speed only","1.7 CDTi100hp Z17DTH engine 6 speed g-box","1.7 CDTi80hp Z17DTL engine","1.7 Diesels-Non Turbo","1.7 Turbo Diesel (TD)","1.7i","1.8 16v (For MTX75)","1.8 16v (From Chassis# 66944)","1.8 16v (To Chassis# 66943)","1.8 16v CJSA Engine Code","1.8 16v For MTX75 5-Speed g-box To Chassis# 404942","1.8 16v Turbo-CA18ET-CA18DET Engine","1.8 16v125hp-Z18 XE Eng-> Eng# 20KC2904","1.8 16v125hp-Z18 XE Eng-Eng# 20KC2905 ->","1.8 16v140bhp-Z18 XER Eng->Eng# 20KC3240","1.8 16v140bhp-Z18 XER Eng-Eng# 20KC3241 ->","1.8 20v AGN Engine Code","1.8 20v AGN-APG Engine Code","1.8 20v Turbo Cupra R Turbo-AYP-AQX","1.8 20v Turbo Manual 5Speed-BFB Engine Code","1.8 20V-1.8 Turbo 20V-1.8i 4X4 Turbo 20V AGU-ARX-ARZ-AUM-AUQ (2000>)","1.8 ADR-AFY-APT-ARG-AVV Engine Code","1.8 D & 1.9 D Models From 08-89 On","1.8 Diesel","1.8 Fsi 8K2-8K5 04/2008 On Engine Code CDHA-CABA-CABB-CDHB 88kw/118kw","1.8 G60 syncro Inc Gti","1.8 T220 Trend RWPA Engine Code","1.8 TDCi All Models 2000-2005","1.8 TDCi KKDA Engine Code","1.8 TDdi-All Models 1998-2005","1.8 TS","1.8 Turbo 150BHP AEB-ANB-APU-ARK-AWT Engine Code","1.8 Turbo 180BHP AJL Engine Code","1.8 Turbo 20v AGU-ARX Engine Code-Chassis Number From 175001","1.8 Turbo 20v AGU-ARX Engine Code-Chassis Number to 175000","1.8 Turbo 20v AGU-ARX-ARZ-AQA-AUM Engine Code-Chassis Number From 175001","1.8 Turbo 20v AGU-ARX-ARZ-AQA-AUM Engine Code-Chassis Number to 175000","1.8 Turbo 20v AJQ-ARY","1.8 Turbo 20v AJQ-ARY-AUQ Engine Codes-Chassis Number from 175001","1.8 Turbo 20v AJQ-ARY-AUQ Engine Codes-Chassis Number to 175000","1.8 Turbo AVJ Engine Code","1.8 Turbo Quattro AVJ Engine Code","1.8GTI BJX Engine Code","1.8i & 1.9i Air Conditioned Models","1.8i & 1.9i Non Air Conditioned","1.8i & 2.0i 16v Non Tubo-Diesel Models","1.8i 16v","1.8i 16v 4x4","1.8i 16v GTi From July 94-ADL","1.8i 16v Gti-KR & PL Engine Codes","1.8i 16v Inc SRi","1.8i 16v KR PL Engine Codes Only","1.8i 16v Manual 5 Speed","1.8i 16v SRi","1.8i 16v Turbo 2ZZGE","1.8i 16v Turbo and 2.5i V6 24v","1.8i 16v Type R","1.8i 16v VTec","1.8i 16v-G60 Models","1.8i 20v GTi Turbo-AUM Engines-150BHP","1.8i 20v GTi Turbo-AUQ Engines-150BHP","1.8i 20v Non Turbo (Inc 4 Motion) AGN","1.8i 20v RS","1.8i 20v Turbo 4x4 Inc Quattro BAM-AMK-APY 1998-2003 Models","1.8i 20v Turbo 98-August 2000","1.8i 20v Turbo BAM-APX-AJQ-ARY Engine Codes 1998-2003","1.8i 20v Turbo September 2000 on-APP-AUQ-AMU Engine Codes","1.8i 20v Turbo-AWV & AWU Engines","1.8i All Models Except 2ZZGE Engines","1.8i All Models Inc SRi","1.8i Cupra R-20v Inc 4x4-BAM AJQ","1.8i GTi","1.8i inc Turbo Excluding AWT Engines","1.8i Models from 08-85-Not G60","1.8i Models From 09-94 On-Not Syncro","1.8i Models From April 1993-April 1997","1.8i Quattro Turbo 20vBFB(2004>)","1.8i Turbo 20v AUM-AJQ-APP-ARY-AUQ-BVP (98>2006)","1.8i-BPE4 Engines Only & 2.0i All Models","1.8i-GTS 6 Speed-2ZZGE Engines Only","1.9 & 2.4 All Models-Except 175 BHP 2.4 20V Model","1.9 16v Engine Code Z19DTH 6 Speed","1.9 16v JTD 125 & 140","1.9 16v JTD 150 Eng Code 937A1000","1.9 16v JTD 150 to December 2005","1.9 CDTi 150hp Eng# 17361104-4609284->","1.9 CDTi100-120hp->Ch 8#999999","1.9 D & SDi-Engine Codes 1Y-AEY","1.9 D AFF Engine Code-1996-July 1997 Model","1.9 D AFF Engine Code-August 1997 Model Onwards","1.9 dCi 100 & dTi","1.9 Diesel","1.9 JTD 105","1.9 JTD 105-110-115-120","1.9 JTD 140","1.9 JTD 80 & 85","1.9 JTD 85 1999-2006","1.9 JTDm 16v 150HP-939A2.000 Engine","1.9 MJTD 100BHP 2003-2006","1.9 Petrol Mi16inc 4X4 XU9J4","1.9 SD-Engine Code AGP-AQM","1.9 SDi 90-AGP Engine Code","1.9 SDi-Engine Code AQM","1.9 SDi-Engine Code ASY","1.9 SRI PLUS CDTI Z19DTH Engine Code 6 Speed models 2004 to 2009","1.9 TD & 2.0i (16v Model Only)","1.9 TD 130 Engine Code ASZ","1.9 TD and 2.0i GTi S16 From May 97 On","1.9 TD Models Only-D4192T Engines","1.9 TDi & 1.9 TDiC","1.9 TDi 100 Engine Code ATD","1.9 TDi 100-ATD & AXR (Inc 4-Motion)","1.9 TDi 100-AVB Engine Codes Only","1.9 TDi 105-BJB Engine Code","1.9 TDi 105-BKC Engine Code Only SACH OE FLYWHEEL ONLY","1.9 TDi 105-Engine Code BJB-BKC-BLS-Sachs Version","1.9 TDi 105-Engine Code BKC-BLS-BJB-Sachs Version","1.9 TDi 105-Engine Code BKC-BLS-BXE-Sachs Version","1.9 TDi 105-Engine Code BKC-BLS-Sachs Version","1.9 TDi 105BHP-BKC BLS & BXE-LUK Flywheel","1.9 TDi 110-AFN & AHF Engine Codes","1.9 TDI 110-AFN Engine Code","1.9 TDi 110-Engine Code AHF","1.9 TDi 110BHP AFN-AVG Engine Code","1.9 TDi 115 Inc. 4 Motion-ATD Engines","1.9 TDi 115BHP AJM-ATJ Engine Code","1.9 TDi 130 & 150-Codes ASZ-ARL","1.9 TDi 130 Engine Code ASZ","1.9 TDi 130 Engine Code ASZ-BLT","1.9 TDi 131 & 150-Codes ASZ-ARL","1.9 Tdi 90 & 105(LUK Version)","1.9 TDi 90-ALH Engine Code","1.9 TDi 90-ALH Engine From Oct 2000","1.9 TDi 90-Engine Code ALH","1.9 TDi 90-Engine Code ALH-228mm Clutch","1.9 TDI 90-Engine Codes 1Z & AHU","1.9 TDi 90-Engine Codes 1Z-AHU-ALE","1.9 TDi 90-Models From Sept 1997 On","1.9 TDi 90-Models to October 1996","1.9 TDi 90BHP AHU Engine Code Chassis Number to 8D#WA014190","1.9 TDi 90BHP AHU-AHH Engine Code-Chassis From 8D#WA014190","1.9 TDi 90BHP-1Z Engine Code","1.9 TDi AHF-ASV Engine Code Chassis Number To 8L-1-000000","1.9 TDi AHF-ASV Engine Code-Chassis Number From 8L-1-000001","1.9 TDi ASZ Engine Code (Fitted LUK Flywheel)","1.9 TDi ASZ Engine Code (Fitted Sachs Flywheel)","1.9 TDi ATD-AXR Engine Code","1.9 Tdi AVB Engine Code","1.9 Tdi AWX Engine Code","1.9 TDi GTi From Oct 2000-AGR","1.9 TDi Models Only-D4192T2 Engines","1.9 TDi Quattro AVF Engine Code","1.9 Turbo Diesel & 2.0i Mi16 Engine","1.9i Petrol","1.9TDi 4 Motion AVF (2000>2005)","1.9TDi AGR-AHF-ALH-ASV (99>2006)","1.9TDi AJM-AWX-BKE (94>2000)","1.9TDi RS BLR-BLY-BVY-BVZ","1.9TDi-1.9TDi 4X4 AGR-AHF-ASV (96>2000)","100NX","106","107","130i M Sport Engine Code N52B30 6 Speed","145","146","147","155","156","159","159 LUSSO","160 SR","1988 2.0i-4x4 & SRi-C20NE Engines","1992 1.6i & 1.7 Diesel Non Turbo","1992 1.8i & 2.0i X20XEV Engines Inc SRi","1992 2.5i V6 24v","2.0 130 ES CDTi 2008-2013 Model-F40 Transmission-A20DTJ","2.0 130 ES CDTi 2008-2013 Model-M32 Transmission-A20DTJ","2.0 161BHP 6 Speed inc Sport Tech Models 2009-Present","2.0 16v","2.0 16v & 20v Turbo Models Only","2.0 16v (Inc 4x4) All Non Turbo Models","2.0 16v (To Chassis# 66943)","2.0 16v 135HP (DEEP CASTING FLYWHEEL ONLY)","2.0 16v 225HP Renault Sport (DEEP CASTING FLYWHEEL ONLY)","2.0 16v C20XE-'REDTOP' Engine","2.0 16v EW10J4 Engine Code","2.0 16v GTi Cupra-Engine Code ABF","2.0 16v Sport 172-2000-2003","2.0 16v SR20DE-Non Turbo","2.0 16v SR20DET Turbo","2.0 16v TDi 140-170 Models","2.0 16v TDi-BKD & BMM Engine Code SACH OE FLYWHEEL ONLY","2.0 16V Turbo (Not Intergrale) 1995-1999","2.0 16v Turbo Intergale-831E5000 Engine code","2.0 16V Turbo-Z20LET Engine","2.0 16v Type S Engine Code K20A3","2.0 320d Sport M47N204D4 Engine 2001-2005","2.0 4x4","2.0 5 Speed Model 2005-2009","2.0 ALT Engine Code","2.0 BHZ CDLA CJX","2.0 BUL Engine Code","2.0 D (For LUK Flywheel)","2.0 D (For Sachs Flywheel)","2.0 Di 4x4","2.0 Diesel From June 90-March 92","2.0 Engine Code 1Z3 6 Speed","2.0 Engine Code 20TC-7EH-7EL 1963-1975","2.0 Engine Code CAAC CAAA CAAB","2.0 Engine Code KE1H-KE1L-KE2L 1966-1974","2.0 Engine Code VA 1975-1981","2.0 FSI 150HP LUK Flywheel as OE BLR-BLY-BVY-BVZ","2.0 FSI 150HP SACHS Flywheel as OE BLR-BLY-BVY-BVZ","2.0 Fsi AWA Engine Code","2.0 FSi AXW-BLR-BLX-BLY-BMB-BVZ (Fitted LUK Flywheel)","2.0 FSI-150HP LUK Flywheel as OE-BLR-BLY-BVY-BVZ","2.0 FSI-150HP SACHS Flywheel as OE Engine Codes BLR-BLY-BVY-BVZ","2.0 FSI-150HP SACHS Flywheel as OE-BLR-BLY-BVY-BVZ","2.0 FSI-150HP SACHS Flywheel as OE-BLR-BLY-BVY-BVZ SACHS","2.0 GTI Petrol Engine Code CHH","2.0 GTiR Turbo 4WD","2.0 GTS TSI-210BHP-CCZB Engine Code","2.0 HDi (90hp)","2.0 Hdi 110-DW10 Engine Code","2.0 HDi 110Hp Models to May 2006","2.0 HDi 135hp models from October 2006","2.0 HDi 135HP Models to September 2006","2.0 HDi 90-DW10TD","2.0 Inc GTi-Engine Code AGG","2.0 JTDm 140/150BHP 940A5.000 & 940B5.000 Engines","2.0 Petrol Engine Code CJX","2.0 Renault Sport 200 F4R 830-F4R 832 Engines","2.0 Roadster Sport Engine Code LF","2.0 Sport 182 2001-2009","2.0 SPORT MK1 16V Engine Code F7R 12-1995 to 10-1999","2.0 Sportback Quattro CJXC 6 Speed","2.0 SRI Turbo 170 Z20LEL","2.0 TD & TDi Models","2.0 TDCi October 2005-2012 (LUK ONLY)","2.0 TDCi October 2005-2012 (SACHS ONLY)","2.0 Tdi","2.0 TDi 135-140 6 Spd-AZV-BKD-SACHS OE FLYWHEEL MODELS","2.0 TDi 136-140 6 Spd AZV-BKD-BMM-BMN SACHS ONLY","2.0 TDi 136-140 6 Spd-AZV-BKD-BMM-BMN-SACHS ONLY","2.0 TDi 136-140 6 Spd-AZV-BMM-BMN-SACHS ONLY","2.0 TDI 140-Engine Code CFHC-CBDB-SACHS OE FLYWHEEL ONLY","2.0 Tdi 140BHP-CBAB-CFFB-SACHS OE FLYWHEEL","2.0 TDi 16v-Engine Code ABF","2.0 TDI 170BHP-CFGB-CBBB-SACHS OE FLYWHEEL","2.0 Tdi BMM-BKD-AZV-BMN-SACHS OE Flywheel","2.0 TDi BMN-CEGA 6 Spd-SACHS OE FLYWHEEL MODELS","2.0 Tdi CBAA-CBAB-CLJA-CBBB 2006-2010 SACHS MODEL Flywheel","2.0 Tdi CBBB 170HP 2006-2010 SACHS MODEL Flywheel","2.0 TDI CBDC Engine Code-SACHS OE FLYWHEEL","2.0 TDI CLCB-CFHC inc VRS CEGA 170HP-SACHS Flywheel","2.0 Tdi CLCB-CFHC-CEGA-CFJA 20062010 SACHS MODEL Flywheel","2.0 TDI SE Engine Code CJCA CAGA CMFA 6 Speed","2.0 TFSi S Line Quattro Engine Code BWA from 09-2004","2.0 Turbo Integrale-831D5000 Engine code","2.0 Turbo-Not VXR","2.0 V6 Turbo-1997-2001 Models","2.0 V6 Turbo-Oct 97 Models On","2.0 VXR / OPC Turbo - A20NFT - 280BHP 2012-Onwards","2.0 WRX / STI Turbo 6 Speed - 2004 Onwards - All Models","2.0 WRX-STI Turbo 5 Speed 1992-2003 All Models","2.0-2.0 GTI Engine Code AXX-BWA-BPY-BYD 2004 Onwards","2.0-2.5 Boxer Diesel 2008-2009 Models","2.0D (For LUK Flywheel)","2.0D (For Sachs Flywheel)","2.0i","2.0i 16v","2.0i 16v & Williams Models","2.0i 16v 4x4","2.0i 16v CDT & CDTi-All Models","2.0i 16v Models Before 2002","2.0i 16v Models From 2002 Onwards","2.0i 16v T4 Turbo-Not B4204T5 Engines","2.0i 16v TS","2.0i 16v Turbo 4x4-C20LET Engines","2.0i 16v Turbo-3SGTE Engine","2.0i 16v-Gti-EW10J4","2.0i 16v-Models From Sept 94-Sept 98","2.0i 16v-not Selespeed","2.0i 20v 5Spd-ALT Engine Code","2.0i 8v Syncro &16v GTi","2.0i All Models Inc 4Motion","2.0i Engine Code 20E & 20ER 1977-1988","2.0i Inc 4motion 20v-AZM & ALT Codes","2.0i SR20DE Engine Code","2.0i TDiC","2.0i Turbo","2.0i Turbo 3SGTE-4x4","2.0i Turbo-Z20LET","2.0i V6 24v","2.0i-2.2i-2.3i Oct 1991-Sept 1996","2.0i-All Engine Codes","2.0i-Engine Code AZL","2.0i-Engine Codes ADC","2.0i-Engine Codes BBX","2.0l 16v 4x4","2.0l 16v RS","2.2 16v DCi & DiTD Models","2.2 16v DTi & SRi 130 DTi","2.2 CTDi -2005-2012 Engine Code N22A","2.2 CTDi 2005-2012 Engine Code N22A","2.2 CTDi-2005-2012","2.2 ST TDCI MK3 QJBB 6 Speed","2.2i 16 VTec","2.2i 16v (Inc SRi 150 Models)","2.2i 16v Inc SRi","2.2i 16v R VTec","2.2i 16v-Z22SE Engine Code","2.2i 20v 4x4","2.3 & 2.5 4x4 Diesel","2.3 & 2.5 4x4 Non Diesel Models","2.3 & 2.5 4x4 Turbo Diesel","2.3 MPS Aero Sports-MZR Engine Code 2009-Onwards","2.3i","2.3i 16v Turbo","2.3i 16v VTec","2.3i inc Turbo","2.3i-2.8 All Models","2.4 20v TD & D5 TDi Models","2.4 D & TD","2.4 JTDm 16v 200HP-939A3000 Engine","2.4 JTDM-210 BHP 939A9.000 Engine 06-09","2.4 TDiC-D24TIC Engines","2.4 V6 AGA-AJG-ALF-AML-APS-APZ-ARJ Engine Code","2.4i 16v VTec","2.4i 20v Turbo inc T5 & 2.5i Turbo Only","2.4i Turbo 1989-1995-13B Engine Code","2.5 4x4 TDi & TDi 200","2.5 MK4 DI-D 4X4 Eng Code 4D56 5 Speed","2.5 T5 B5244T5 Engines","2.5 TD & TDi 4x4 1997 Models Onwards","2.5 TD5 4x4","2.5 TDi","2.5 TDiC 4x4-Models From Sept 99","2.5 TDiC 4x4-Models Nov 97-Aug 99","2.5 TDiC 4x4-Models To October 1997","2.5 V6 TDi AFB-AKN Engine Code","2.5 WRX / STI Turbo 6 Speed - 2004 Onwards - All Models","2.5i All Models inc 4x4- M20 Engine","2.5i V6 24v Inc SRi","2.5TDi V6 24V AFB-AKN(94>2002)","2.6 4x4-Models From April 1986","2.6 Turbo 4x4","2.6 V6 ABC-ACZ Engine Code","2.6i V6 24v Inc SRi","2.6i-5 Speed Box","2.6i-6 Speed Box","2.7i V6 24v","2.7i V6 30v 4x4","2.7I V6 30v Bi-Turbo 4x4 Engine Code ASJ 10/99-10/01","2.8 & 2.8i V6 All Models","2.8 Diesel 4x4 & TD Models Upto 03-91","2.8 TD 4x4 From 04-91","2.8 Turbo VXR-OPC-Z28NET","2.8 V6 30v ACK-ALG-AMX-APR-AQD Engine Code","2.8 V6 AAH Engine Code","2.8 V6 B284 Engine Code 250BHP Model","2.8i V6 24v","2.8i V6 24v 4-Motion Inc VR6 Models","2.8i V6 30v 5 Speed-Engine Code AMX","2.8i V6 30v Except ACK ALG AGE Codes","2.8i V6 Inc 4x4 Cupra-Code AUE-BDE","2.8i V6-VR6-GTi & 2.9i V6 Syncro","2.9i VR VR6-ABV Engine Code","200-400","2000","2000-20062.5 T5 Turbo 4x4-B5 254T2 Engines","2007 On 1.6 D","2007 On 2.0D (For LUK Flywheel)","2007 On 2.0D (For Sachs Flywheel)","200SX","205","206","207","208","3","3 Series E21","3 Series E30","3 Series E36","3 Series E46","3 Series E90","3 Series E92","3.0 24v TiD","3.0 Non Turbo VG35DE Models-1990-1996","3.0 Non Turbo VQ35DE Models-1990-1996","3.0 Quattro - 2008-11 Model - CAK Engine Code","3.0 Twin Turbo VG30DETT Models-1990-1996","3.0i 24v (For engines with DMF Only)","3.0i V4 24v Inc Griffin","3.0i V6 24v Twin Turbo 4x4","3.0i V6 4x4 inc 24v Models","3.2 M3 Models from 2000 onwards","3.2i V6 24v","3.2i V6 24v Manual 5 Speed-Z32SE","3.2i V6 24v R32 4-Motion-BFH Engine Code","3.5 4x4-inc V8 Models","3.5 VQ35DE Models Only-2003-2006","3.5 VQ35HR Engine Codes Only","3.5i V8 4x4","3.7 VQ35HR Engine Codes Only","300Z","300ZX","306","307","316i & 318i Cabrio-Touring","316i-All Models","318i 5 Speed Only M42 Engine","318i All Models From July 2001","320i All Models","320i All Models from 04-84 On","323 MK4 (BG)","323F V (BA)","325i All M50B25 Engines","325i All Models Excluding 4x4","325TD and 325TDS-M51 Engine Code","328i All Models-5 Speed-M52286S2 Engine","328i All Models-M52 Engine Code","33 Inc SportWagon","330D 6 Speed Models Only-M57D30 Engine","330D 6 Speed Models Only-M57N306 D2 Engine","330D-5 Speed Models Only","330D-Engine Code M537D06 & M57D30","330i All 5 Speed Models-M54 Engines","330i-330Ci-330xi-330i Touring M54306S3","335i 3.0 SE N54B30 Engine-6 Speed","350Z","370Z","4.0i V8 4x4 Models Before 1999","4.0i V8 4x4 Models From 1999 On","4.0i W8 32v 4-Motion-BDN Engine","405","440-460","45","5 Series E34","5 Series E39","5 Series E60","5 Series E60-E61","500","518i All Air Conditioned Models","518i All Non Air Conditioned","520d All Models","520i All Air Conditioned Models","520i All Non Air Conditioned","525i & 525d All Models 09-90 On","530D & 525D inc 3.0 XD and X3 Models","530d 3.0 24v Diesel Models to 2003 Only","530D M57D30 6 Speed","595","6J 1.2 TFSi 2010 Onwards","6J 1.6 LPG-2001 Onwards","6J 1.6-2008 Onvwards","6J 2.0-2008 Onwards","6L1 1.4i 16v-Engine Code BBY","6L1 1.4i 16v-Engine Code BBZ","6L1 1.8i Turbo","6L1 1.9 Cupra R TDi 160 Engine Code BPX","6L1 1.9 SDi-Engine Code ASY","6L1 1.9 TDi 100 Engine Code ATD","6L1 1.9 TDi 130 Engine Code ASZ","6L1 2.0i-Engine Codes AZL & BBX","6L11.4 TDi 75-80 Engine Codes AMF BNV","740","75","760","850","9-3","9-5","90 & 110","90-110-130 Defender 2.5 4x4 Petrol","90-110-130 Defender 2.5 4x4 TD5","90-110-130 Defender 2.5 4x4 TDi 200-300","90000","A1","A2","A3","A3-8L","A3-8L Quattro Models","A3-8P","A4","A4-B5","A4-B6","A4-B7","A4-B7 S Line","A4-B8","A8","Accent","Accord","Aero 2.3 B235R","Alfa Romeo","All 1.4i & 1.6i Models From June 2003","All 1.4i & 1.6i Models Until May 2003","All 1.8i 16v Models","All 2.0 16v TDi Models","All 2.0 TDi Models","All 2.5i V6 24v Models","All Models","All Models Except 1.8","Almera","Arna","Astra MK 2-E Series","Astra MK 3-F Series","Astra MK 4-G Series","Astra MK 5 - H Series","Astra MK 5-H Series","Astra MK 6 - J Series","Audi","Aygo","Blue VXR 1.6 192 BHP A16LER","Bluebird","BMW","Bora","Bravo","BX","C2","C3","C30","C4","C70 MK1","C70 MK2","Caddy","Calibra","Camden MK2 R56 1.6 Engine Code N18B16N0","Carina","Carina MK2","Cavalier","CDTI 1.9 Z19DTH 150 BHP 6 Speed Engine no from 17300 LUK","CDTI 1.9 Z19DTH 150 BHP 6 Speed Engine no to 17300 SACHS","Cedric","Celica","Charade","Citroen","Civic","Clio","Clio MK1","Clio MK2","Clio MK3","Colt","Cooper S","Corolla","Corrado","Corsa","Corsa MK1 B Series","Corsa MK2 C Series","Corsa MK3 D Series","Corsa MK4","Coupe","CR-V","CR-X","CRX 1.6i 16v Vtec-B16A-Cable Transmission","Defender","Delta","Diahatsu","Diesel 90-109HP Models","Discovery","Doblo","Dolomite","E 1.6i & 1.8i All Models","Escort","Evo 10-X-5 Speed-4B11 Engine 2008-2010","Evo 4 5 & 6 All 2.0 Evos From 1997-2000","Evo 4 5 & 6 All 2.0 Evos From 2001-2006","Fabia","Fabia MK1","Fabia MK2","Fiat","Fiesta","Fiesta MK7","Focus MK1","Focus MK2","Focus MK3","For Ford Ka Ka 1.3i Non Duratec Variations Only","Ford","Fourtrack","Freelander","Fusion","Giulietta - New Model","Golf MK 1","Golf MK 2","Golf MK 3","Golf MK 4","Golf MK 5","Golf MK 6","Golf Plus","Golf R Mk 7","Grand Tour 1.2 TCE","GSI 2.0 Z20LET ENGINE CODE","GT","GT6","GTV","Honda","HR-V","Hyundai","i30","Ibiza MK2","Ibiza MK3","Ibiza MK4","Impreza","Impreza Wagon","Insignia","Integra","Jetta","JTD Sporting Multijet 6 Speed","L200","Lancer 3000 GT-GTO","Lancer Evolution","Lancia","Land Rover","Legend","Leon","Leon MK1","Leon MK2 1P2","Leon MK2-1P1","Lupo","M3 3.0i-3.2i S50 Engines","Manta B","Mazda","Megane Classic","Megane MK2","MG ZR","MG ZR & ZS","MG ZT-ZT-T","MGF-TF-ZR ZS","Micra K11","Micra K12","Mini (Cooper)","Mini Cooper","MiTO (955)","Mitsubishi","MK2 XR2-1.6 1983-85 Models","MK2 XR2-1.6 1986-89 Models","MK3 1.3-1.5 16v All Models With VIN TSM 2005 models Onwards","MK3 2.0i 16V TDCi","MK3 RS-RS Turbo-XR3i","Mk4 1.2i RS","MK4 1.3i","MK4 2.2 Titanium X Sport Engine Code KNBA","Mk4 RS Turbo","Mk5 RS2000","Mk5 XR3i","Mk5-6 1.8i XR3i-MTX75 Gearbox","Mk5-6 2.0 RS Cosworth Turbo","MK8 1.8 I-VTEC TYPE-S GT (FN13)","Mondeao","Mondeo","MR2","Multipla","MX-5 MK1","MX-5 MK2","MX-5 MK3","New Beetle","Nissan","Nova","Octavia","Octavia MK2","Oktavia MK1","Oktavia MK2","Oktavia MK2B","Pajero-Shogun","Passat","Passat Mk 5","Passat MK4","PassatMK4","Peugeot","Polo MK2","Polo MK3","Polo MK4","Prelude","Pulsar-Sunny","puma","Punto","Punto EVO","Punto MK1","Punto MK2","Punto MK3","R-2.0 Turbo-CDI Engine Code","R50 R52 R53","R55 R56 R57","RB20-RB25 2.0-2.5 PUSH STYLE CLUTCH","RB26-2.6 With Push Style Conversion","RCZ","Renault","Rover","RS4 Quattro Avant","RX7","RX8","S 1.6-W11B16A Engine","S3","S3 TFSi Quattro","S4 Quattro","S40 MK1","S40 MK2","S6 Quattro","S60 MK1","Saab","Samurai","Saxo","Scirocco 2009","Seat","Sierra","Sierra Cosworth","Sierra Sapphire","Skoda","Skyline","Spider","ST-3 1.6 Engine Code JTJA 6 Speed","Stilo","Subaru","Superb","Suzuki","Swift","TD4 4x4","TDiC 4x4","TFSI S Line 1.4 Engine Code CAX","Toledo MK2","Toledo MK3","Toledo MK4","Toyota","Transit Connect","Transporter T5","Triumph","TT","TT 2A Quattro","TT Quattro","Twingo GT","Type R-K20 Engine EP3","Type_Performance Clutch Kits","Type_Stage 1 Performance Clutch Kits","V40","V50","V6 24v All Models","V70","V70 2000-2006","Vauxhall-Opel","Vectra MK1","Vectra MK2","Vitara","Volkswagen","Volkswagen Passat 1.9TDi 4 Motion AWX (2000>2005)Code CDLA","Volvo","VX220","Works","X1-9","Yaris MK1","Yaris MK2","Zafira","Zetec 1.8 TDCI QYWA Engine Code 6 Speed","ZX"]}