{"tags":["1.2 All Models","1.3 2SZ-FE Engine-5 Speed manual gearbox only","1.3 6 SPEED","1.3i Turbo","1.4 HDI","1.5 16v VV-I T-Sport-Models from October 2001-2006","1.6 16v Models From Jun 91-Mar 1992","1.6 4AFE-1988-1992","1.6 4AGE GTS","1.6 Models From Oct 83-July 1989","1.6i & 1.8i All Models","1.6i 16v Models From July 85-1989","1.8 1ZZFE 1998-2004","1.8i 16v Turbo 2ZZGE","1.8i 1ZZFE-16v Models From May 2000-2005","1.8i All Models Except 2ZZGE Engines","1.8i-GTS 6 Speed-2ZZGE Engines Only","2.0 D4D 1CD-FTV","2.0 Diesel From June 90-March 92","2.0i 16v Turbo-3SGTE Engine","2.0i Turbo 3SGTE-4x4","2.2i 16v-5SFE Engine","2.5 1JZ-GTE","3.0 1MZFE-1997-2001","3.0 Non Turbo 7MGE 2JZ-GE-W58 Transmission-1989-1993","3.0 Non Turbo 7MGE-2JZ-GE-1994-98","3.0 Turbo 2JZ-GTE Turbo","3.0i 24v Turbo - 7M-GTE Engine Code - R154 Transmission","3.0i 24v Turbo-7M-GTE Engine Code-R154 Transmission","Avensis","Aygo","Camry","Carina","Carina E","Carina MK2","Celica","Corolla","E 1.6i & 1.8i All Models","MK2","MR2","RAV 4","Rav4","Single Plate Clutch Kit and Flywheel","Spyder 1.8i 1ZZFE-16v Models From May 2000-2005","Starlet","Supra","Toyota","Triple Plate Clutch Kit and Flywheel","Twin Plate Clutch Kit and Flywheel","Type_101 Series Racing Drive Plate Only","Type_666 Organic Lucky Devil Race Clutch and Flywheel","Type_777 Ceramic Lucky Devil Race Clutch and Flywheel","Type_888 Series 184 Supersport Race Single Plate Clutch Kit with Flywheel","Type_888 Series 184 Supersport Race Triple Plate Clutch Kit with Flywheel","Type_888 Series 184 Supersport Race Twin Plate Clutch Kit with Flywheel","Type_Clutch and Flywheel","Type_Drive Plate Only","Type_Dual Friction Drive Plate Only","Type_Dual Friction Performance Clutch Kit","Type_Flywheel Only","Type_Kevtek Drive Plate Only","Type_Lightened and Balanced 184mm Race Flywheel Only","Type_Lightened and Balanced Flywheel Only","Type_Paddle Drive Plate Only","Type_Performance Clutch Kits","Type_Replacement 184mm Sintered 2.6mm Twin Disc Drive Plate Only","Type_Replacement Ceramic 7.1mm Thick Twin Disc Drive Plate Only","Type_Solid Mass Flywheel Conversion Kit","Type_Solid Mass Flywheel Conversion Kit with Exclusive Dual Friction Clutch Kit","Type_Solid Mass Flywheel Conversion Kit with Kev-Tek Clutch Kit","Type_Stage 1 Performance Clutch Kits","Type_Stage 2 Performance Clutch Kits","Type_Stage 3 Performance Clutch Kits","YARIS","Yaris MK1","Yaris MK2"]}