{"tags":["1.0-1.2-1.3-1.4i From June 86 On","1.2 Models from Aug 86-August 1991","1.2i & 1.4i (Inc Sri) Not 16v","1.3 CDTi90hp Manual gearbox","1.3 CDTi90hp Semi-Auto","1.4 & 1.4i-All Models","1.4 16v","1.4 Black Edition 2011 Onwards-A14NEL Engine Code","1.4 Engine Code B14NEJ / B14NEL 6 Speed","1.4i 16v (inc Twinport and SRi)","1.4i-16v X14XE Engine Codes Only","1.4i-C14NZ","1.5 & 1.7 Diesel (Inc TD Models)","1.5 Diesel & TD Models","1.6 & 1.7 Diesel F13 Transmission","1.6 16v105hp Engine # 20KC2905-> Manual g-box only","1.6 16v105hp->Engine # 20KC2904 Manual g-box only","1.6 SRI-GSI 150BHP-2007 Onwards-Z16LEL","1.6 Turbo 16v SRI 180hp Z16LET Engine","1.6 Turbo SIDI - GTC 200BHP","1.6 VXR-OPC Nurburgring Edition-205BHP-2011 Onwards","1.6 VXR-OPC Turbo-Z16LER-192 BHP","1.6i","1.7 16v Di & DTi","1.7 16v Engine Code Z17DTH 5 Speed Models Only","1.7 CDTi and DTi Models","1.7 CDTi100hp Z17DTH engine 5 speed only","1.7 CDTi100hp Z17DTH engine 6 speed g-box","1.7 CDTi80hp Z17DTL engine","1.7 Diesels-Non Turbo","1.7 Turbo Diesel (TD)","1.8 16v125hp-Z18 XE Eng-> Eng# 20KC2904","1.8 16v125hp-Z18 XE Eng-Eng# 20KC2905 ->","1.8 16v140bhp-Z18 XER Eng->Eng# 20KC3240","1.8 16v140bhp-Z18 XER Eng-Eng# 20KC3241 ->","1.8 SRI Engine Code Z18XE 5 Speed","1.8i 16v Inc SRi","1.8i 16v SRi","1.8i All Models Inc SRi","1.9 16v Engine Code Z19DTH 6 Speed","1.9 CDTi 100-120hp Ch 9#000001->","1.9 CDTi 150hp Eng# 17361104-4609284->","1.9 CDTi100-120hp->Ch 8#999999","1.9 CDTi100-130.0hp->Ch 8#999999","1.9 CDTi150hp->Eng# 17361103-4609283","1.9 SRI PLUS CDTI Z19DTH Engine Code 6 Speed models 2004 to 2009","1988 2.0i-4x4 & SRi-C20NE Engines","1992 1.6i & 1.7 Diesel Non Turbo","1992 1.8i & 2.0i X20XEV Engines Inc SRi","2.0 130 ES CDTi 2008-2013 Model-F40 Transmission-A20DTJ","2.0 130 ES CDTi 2008-2013 Model-M32 Transmission-A20DTJ","2.0 16v C20XE-'REDTOP' Engine","2.0 16V Turbo-Z20LET Engine","2.0 SRI Turbo 170 Z20LEL","2.0 Turbo-Not VXR","2.0 VXR / OPC Turbo - A20NFT - 280BHP 2012-Onwards","2.0 VXR-OPC Turbo-Z20LEH-240BHP 2005-2010","2.0DTi 16V Y20DTH","2.0DTi 16V Y20DTH (2002>)","2.0DTI 16V Y20DTH (32000001-35000001-38000001-3H000001) (2003>2005)","2.0DTi 16vY20DTH","2.0DTi 16vY20DTH (2002>)","2.0i 16v 4x4","2.0i 16v Turbo 4x4-C20LET Engines","2.0i 16v-Models From Sept 94-Sept 98","2.0i Engine Code 20E & 20ER 1977-1988","2.0i Turbo-Z20LET","2.2 16v DTi & SRi 130 DTi","2.2i 16v (Inc SRi 150 Models)","2.2i 16v Inc SRi","2.2i 16v-Z22SE Engine Code","2.5i V6 24v Inc SRi","2.6i V6 24v Inc SRi","2.8 Turbo VXR-OPC-Z28NET","2.8 VXR Nav Turbo 4x4 A28NER","3.0 24v MK2 Petrol 1991","3.2i V6 24v Manual 5 Speed-Z32SE","Astra MK 2-E Series","Astra MK 3-F Series","Astra MK 4-G Series","Astra MK 5 - H Series","Astra MK 5-H Series","Astra MK 6 - J Series","Astra MK 7-K Series","Blue VXR 1.6 192 BHP A16LER","C Series","Calibra","Carlton","Cavalier","CDTI 1.9 Z19DTH 150 BHP 6 Speed Engine no from 17300 LUK","CDTI 1.9 Z19DTH 150 BHP 6 Speed Engine no to 17300 SACHS","Corsa","Corsa MK1 B Series","Corsa MK2","Corsa MK2 C Series","Corsa MK3 D Series","Corsa MK3-D Series","Corsa MK4","GSI 2.0 Z20LET ENGINE CODE","GSI Turbo 2.0 Engine Code Z20LET 5 Speed 03 on","GTS 2.0 Z20NET","Insignia","Manta B","MK2 2.0DTI 16vY20DTH (32000001-35000001-38000001-3H000001) (2003>2005)","Nova","Signum","Single Plate Clutch Kit and Flywheel","Triple Plate Clutch Kit and Flywheel","Twin Plate Clutch Kit and Flywheel","Type_101 Series Racing Drive Plate Only","Type_385 Series Sport Clutch Kit","Type_385 Series Supersport Clutch Kit","Type_425 Series Supersport Clutch Kit","Type_666 Organic Lucky Devil Race Clutch and Flywheel","Type_777 Ceramic Lucky Devil Race Clutch and Flywheel","Type_888 Series 184 Supersport Race Single Plate Clutch Kit with Flywheel","Type_888 Series 184 Supersport Race Triple Plate Clutch Kit with Flywheel","Type_888 Series 184 Supersport Race Twin Plate Clutch Kit with Flywheel","Type_Clutch and Flywheel","Type_Drive Plate Only","Type_Dual Friction Drive Plate Only","Type_Dual Friction Performance Clutch Kit","Type_Dual Mass Flywheel Only","Type_Flywheel Only","Type_Kevtek Drive Plate Only","Type_Lightened and Balanced 184mm Race Flywheel Only","Type_Lightened and Balanced Flywheel Only","Type_Paddle Drive Plate Only","Type_Performance Clutch Kits","Type_Replacement 184mm Sintered 2.6mm Twin Disc Drive Plate Only","Type_Replacement Ceramic 7.1mm Thick Twin Disc Drive Plate Only","Type_Solid Mass Flywheel Conversion Kit","Type_Solid Mass Flywheel Conversion Kit with Exclusive Dual Friction Clutch Kit","Type_Solid Mass Flywheel Conversion Kit with Kev-Tek Clutch Kit","Type_Stage 1 Performance Clutch Kits","Type_Stage 2 Performance Clutch Kits","Type_Stage 3 Performance Clutch Kits","Vauxhall / Opel Zafira CDTI 1.9 Z19DTH 150 BHP 6 Speed Engine no from 17300 LUK","Vauxhall / Opel Zafira CDTI 1.9 Z19DTH 150 BHP 6 Speed Engine no from 17300 LUK","Vauxhall-Opel","Vectra","Vectra C","Vectra MK1","Vectra MK2","VX220","Zafira"]}