{"tags":["1.0i-1.1i-1.4i All Models to Nov 1994","1.0i-1.1i-1.4i Models 12-94-03-96","1.4 16v","1.4 16v-88hp KFU Engine (Not for Sport model)","1.4 Hdi","1.4 HDi 2001 Models Only","1.4 HDi DV4TD-8HZ Engine","1.4 HDi Models 2002 Onwards","1.4 VTi-95hp EP3 Engine (Not for Sport model)","1.4i October 1997 to April 2002","1.6 156bhp Engine Code EP6CDT","1.6 16v","1.6 16v 110hp-NFU Engine","1.6 16v Hdi 110 HP-Models to September 2006","1.6 200bhp Engine Code EP6CDTX","1.6 GTi Limited Edition 200BHP EP6CDTX Engine Code","1.6 Gti Pack Turbo 176 BHP Model 2006-2009","1.6 Hdi 110HP Fitted With Sachs Flywheel-September 06 Onwards","1.6 HDi 110Hp-2004 Models","1.6 HDI 90BHP-2012 Models Onwards","1.6 HDi 90hp-June 2005-2007 Models","1.6 HDi November 2004 Onwards","1.6 HDi-90hp 2004-May 2005 Models","1.6 THP 270bhp Engine Code 5FG-EP6CDTR","1.6 VTi 16v 120hp-5FS","1.6 VTi 16v 130.0hp-5FS","1.6-GTi-1.8-1.9 GTi Models to 07-89","1.6i / 1.9i / SRi / STi From 07/89-05/97","1.6i 16v Models-TU5JP4","1.6i GTI & S16 MODELS TO DEC 2000","1.6i-1.9i-SRi-STi From 07-89-05-97","1.6i-GTi & S16 Models from December 2001","1.6i-GTi & S16 Models to December 2000","1.8 D & 1.9 D Models From 08-89 On","1.8i Models From April 1993-April 1997","1.9 Petrol Mi16inc 4X4 XU9J4","1.9 TD and 2.0i GTi S16 From May 97 On","1.9 Turbo Diesel & 2.0i Mi16 Engine","106","107","2.0 16v","2.0 HDi (90hp)","2.0 HDi 110Hp Models to May 2006","2.0 HDi 135hp models from October 2006","2.0 HDi 135HP Models to September 2006","2.0 HDI 163bhp Engine code RHH-DW10CTED4","2.0 HDi 90-DW10TD","2.0HDi 16V DW10ATED-L3-DW10ATED4-DW10BTED-W3-DW10CTED (95>2003);","2.0HDi 16V DW10ATED4","2.0HDi 16V DW10ATED4-DW10BTED (04>2006)","2.0HDI 16V DW10BTED4 From 10-2006","2.0HDI 16V DW10BTED4 To 10-2006","2.0HDi 16vDW10ATED-L3-DW10ATED4-DW10BTED-W3-DW10CTED (95>2003)","2.0HDi 16vDW10ATED4","2.0HDi 16vDW10ATED4-DW10BTED (04>2006)","2.0HDi DW10ATED-F(2004>)","2.0HDi DW10ATED-F-DW10ATED-L3-DW10ATED-L4(99>2004)","2.0HDi DW10ATED-F-DW10ATED-L4(2000>2004)","2.0HDi DW10ATED-L3-DW10ATED4","2.0HDi DW10ATED-L4","2.0i 16v-Gti-EW10J4","2.2 Hdi - DW12TED4 Engine Code - ML5T Transmission","2.2 Hdi-DW12TED4 Engine Code-ML5T Transmission","2.2HDi 16v DW12TED4-L4 (2000>)","2.2HDI 16V DW12TED4-L4","2.2HDi 16vDW12TED4-L4","205","206","207","208","306","307","405","406","607","806","807","Expert E7 Taxi","Expert II E7 Taxi","Expert MK2 E7 Taxi","Peugeot","PEUGEOT 206 2.0I","RCZ","TWIN P","Twin Plate Clutch Kit and Flywheel","Type_101 Series Racing Drive Plate Only","Type_385 Series Supersport Clutch Kit","Type_425 Series Supersport Clutch Kit","Type_666 Organic Lucky Devil Race Clutch and Flywheel","Type_777 Ceramic Lucky Devil Race Clutch and Flywheel","Type_888 Series 184 Supersport Race Twin Plate Clutch Kit with Flywheel","Type_Clutch and Flywheel","Type_Drive Plate Only","Type_Dual Friction Drive Plate Only","Type_Dual Friction Performance Clutch Kit","Type_Flywheel Only","Type_Kevtek Drive Plate Only","Type_Lightened and Balanced Flywheel Only","Type_Paddle Drive Plate Only","Type_Performance Clutch Kits","Type_Replacement 184mm Sintered 2.6mm Twin Disc Drive Plate Only","Type_Replacement Ceramic 7.1mm Thick Twin Disc Drive Plate Only","Type_Solid Mass Flywheel Conversion Kit","Type_Solid Mass Flywheel Conversion Kit with Exclusive Dual Friction Clutch Kit","Type_Solid Mass Flywheel Conversion Kit with Kev-Tek Clutch Kit","Type_Stage 1 Performance Clutch Kits","Type_Stage 2 Performance Clutch Kits","Type_Stage 3 Performance Clutch Kits"]}