{"tags":["(2001-) 1.2i All Models (MK2","(2001-) 1.4i & 1.6i All 16v Models to 2005","1.1-1.2i-1.4i To April 96 (Not Easyshift)","1.2 TCE 100-D4F 780 Engine Code","1.2i All Models MK2 Shape 2001 on","1.4 GT Turbo MK2","1.5 8v 6 Speed Engine Code K9K764","1.6 16v GT 128HP - 2005 Onwards","1.9 dCi 100 & dTi","1.9dCi F9Q.7.50-F9Q.7.54(2001>2007)","1.9dCi F9Q.8.20-F9Q.8.26 (2002>)","1.9dCi F9Q803-F9QJ803-F9Q804-F9QE804-F9Q812-F9Q816-F9Q818(2003>)","2.0 16v 135HP (DEEP CASTING FLYWHEEL ONLY)","2.0 16v 225HP Renault Sport (DEEP CASTING FLYWHEEL ONLY)","2.0 16v 6 Speed Engine Code F4R874","2.0 16v Sport 172-2000-2003","2.0 Renault","2.0 Renault Sport 200 F4R 830-F4R 832 Engines","2.0 Sport 182 2001-2009","2.0 SPORT Engine Code F4R774","2.0 SPORT Engine Code M9R724-M9R 700-M9R 721","2.0 SPORT MK1 16V Engine Code F7R 12-1995 to 10-1999","2.0i 16v & Williams Models","2.2dCi 16v G9T.7.00-G9T.7.02 (2001>2007)","2.2dCi 16V G9T.6.00-G9T.7.00-G9T.7.02","2.2dCi 16V G9T.7.12","2.2dCi 16V G9T.7.42 (2002>)","2.2dCi 16vG9T.6.00-G9T.7.00-G9T.7.02","2.2dCi 16vG9T.7.12","2.2dCi 16vG9T.7.42 (2002>)","2.2dT G8T.7.14-G8T.7.16 (96>2002)","2.2dT G8T.7.14-G8T.7.16(96>2002)","2.2dT G8T.7.60 (94>2000)","2.2TD G8T.7.40","Avantime","Clio","Clio MK1","Clio MK2","Clio MK3","Espace IV","Espace MK2","Espace MK3","Espace MK4","Grand Tour 1.2 TCE","Laguna","Laguna MK2","Megane","Megane Classic","Megane MK2","Megane MK3","R26R 2008 On (SHALLOW CASTING FLYWHEEL ONLY)","R5","Renault","Safrane","Scenic MK2","Shape)","Spider","Sport 200-F4R 830-F4r 832 Engines-Renault SPORT","Twingo GT","Type_101 Series Racing Drive Plate Only","Type_666 Organic Lucky Devil Race Clutch and Flywheel","Type_777 Ceramic Lucky Devil Race Clutch and Flywheel","Type_888 Series 184 Supersport Race Twin Plate Clutch Kit with Flywheel","Type_888 Series Twin Plate 184 Supersport Clutch Kit with Flywheel","Type_Clutch and Flywheel","Type_Drive Plate Only","Type_Dual Friction Drive Plate Only","Type_Dual Friction Performance Clutch Kit","Type_Flywheel Only","Type_Kevtek Drive Plate Only","Type_Lightened and Balanced Flywheel Only","Type_Paddle Drive Plate Only","Type_Performance Clutch Kits","Type_Replacement 184mm Sintered 2.6mm Twin Disc Drive Plate Only","Type_Replacement Ceramic 7.1mm Thick Twin Disc Drive Plate Only","Type_Solid Mass Flywheel Conversion Kit","Type_Solid Mass Flywheel Conversion Kit with Exclusive Dual Friction Clutch Kit","Type_Solid Mass Flywheel Conversion Kit with Kev-Tek Clutch Kit","Type_Stage 1 Performance Clutch Kits","Type_Stage 2 Performance Clutch Kits","Type_Stage 3 Performance Clutch Kits","Vel Satis"]}